Research & Development and Software Development teams are continuously working on new mobile devices-technologies, web based multi-platform applications, cloud computing, big data utilization, process optimization and project tracking software.

In more than 20 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, we have successfully delivered innovative UMTS/LTE telecom solutions in the most challenging mobile network environments. Our Tier 1 MNOs depend on us to enable them to bring outstanding improvements to their operations.

The fast moving Telecom industry needs customized intelligent software solutions. We listen to our customers' needs carefully, analyze the infrastructure and provide the right custom tools on time. Contact us for more information on how our Engineering and Software Solutions can accelerate Network rollout, maximize your network performance and capacity, and ultimately enhance your Customers' Experience to drive revenue growth and reduce churn.


SIMAS (Site Inventory Management System)

SIMAS (Site Inventory  Management System) The purpose of SIMAS is to enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to control and manage RAN inventory in an integrated and traceable manner. Functionalities : Management of inventory in RAN nodes, extensible with new parameter definitions in the data model. Audit management for on-site data collection, Task-based inventory corrections and updates, Map-based inventory navigation (sites and cells).


Hot Key

Hot Key Tool, checks alarms in network and checks all parameters that’s defined. The hot key tool platform performs health checks on various RAN and Core elements based on commands provided by Tier 1 Support.  The node status print outs are evaluated based on set criteria and anomalies are highlighted in the resulting individual node reports. The hot key tool also has the pre/post comparison functions where it can compare multi reports (old and new) of the same node and report variances of degradation.


Network Rollout (war-room) Solutions

Managing/supporting major cellular network deployments driving tangible improvements to timelines and cost while maintaining highest network quality standards.


Software Solutions

  • Automated Close-out package
  • Field dispatch
  • Yuppi
  • Hotkey
  • SON


High RSSI Remediation

When a LTE carrier is flagged to have UL RSSI issues Yupana takes over with established engineering processes both in the office and in the field to achieve Root Cause identification and resolutions on RSSI issues.

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In line with our strategy to develop innovative solutions for our field teams, yupana is growing its team of mobile application developers.


Continuing our initial ambition to become the no 1 global smart wireless solutions, Yupana has established a new regional office to serve our customers in Southern California and the LA metro area.


Enhanced functionality allows field technicians to revolutionise/transform.